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BOSCH Praesideo

BOSCH PreasideoBOSCH (formerly Philips) Praesideo is a fully digital public address system that meets all the requirements placed by professional users on a public address/emergency system and certified by the TUV. The TUV has confirmed as an independent body that the Praesideo is compliant with the European IEC 60849 evacuation standard and certified to EN54.

The system brings highly innovative and advanced digital technology to the public address market. The processing and communication of both audio signals and control data entirely in the digital domain makes the system superior to other currently available public address and emergency sound systems.

Digital signal processing allows significant improvements in audio quality to be achieved. The Praesideo system is designed for configuration from a PC, which makes installation and setting of operating parameters very simple and user-friendly.



BOSCH Preasideo Connection Diagram

Praesideo fully meets the requirements of many of the world's main standards for emergency sound systems, which include voice alarm and evacuation. Working in the digital domain brings unparalleled functionality and virtually limitless possibilities, as will as superb audio quality.



The simple system philosophy behind Praesideo is demonstrated by the amount and total inter-compatibility of system elements. Putting together a top class public address and emergency sound system has never been this easy.



Praesideo's ingenious network configuration means all elements are simply connected at the appropriate point in the network cabling. No extra wiring, no fuss. The entire network can be (re-) configured from a PC. Even remotely via TCP/IP (Ethernet) or the Internet. Networked for installation convenience.


Product Range

BOSCH Preasideo Unit
Power Amplifiers

The power amplifiers are equipped with amplifier monitoring and change-over relays. The amplifier provides short-to-ground and short-circuit detection functions. If an end-of-line supervision card is plugged in, the loudspeaker lines are also monitored for open circuits. The pilot tone for the monitoring is generated in the power amplifier itself.

BOSCH Preasideo Call Station
Call Station

The call station basic has a direct network interface, one ‘press to talk’ key, a monitoring speaker and a headphone socket. The volume control on the front of the unit allows adjustment of the loudspeaker or headphone volume. The unit can be connected to up to16 call station keypads. LEDs on the unit indicate system, call station and call status.

BOSCH Preasideo Kaypad
Call Station Keypad

The call station keypad has 8 selection keys and status indications. This unit is connected to a call station basic through a local interface. Each selection key has one 2-color LED which shows the status of the selection, allowing differentiation of whether the selected output/ resource is occupied by a higheror lower-priority announcement.

BOSCH Preasideo Unit
Network Controller

The network control unit is the heart of the Praesideo system. The unit is capable of routing up to 28 simultaneous audio channels, delivering power to the system (except for power amplifiers), fault reporting and controlling of the system. The
audio inputs can be announcements from call stations, background music or local audio inputs.

BOSCH Preasideo Unit
Audio Expander

The audio expander can insert external audio to the system and extract audio from the system. This unit is provided with control inputs and outputs for external interfacing. The audio inputs can be routed permanently or conditionally to any of the zones or other audio outputs.

BOSCH Preasideo Unit
CobraNet Interface

The CobraNet Interface can insert up to four audio channels from CobraNet into the Praesideo system and up to four audio channels from Praesideo into a CobraNet network. CobraNet, developed by Peak Audio, is a network protocol for real-time
uncompressed digital audio distribution over industry standard 100Base-T Ethernet networks.