Specialists in life safety & public address systems

Voice Alarm and Public Address Loudspeakers

Meet the challenge of any specified requirement.


Digital public address system for large PA and voice evacuation applications.

Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems

Designed to bespoke requirements.

Voice Evacuation Systems
Bosch Praesideo is a fully digital public address system for large PA and voice evacuation applications. It meets all the requirements placed by professional users on a public address/emergency system and certified by the TUV as compliant with the European IEC 60849 evacuation standard and EN54.
Public Address Systems
ASC Public Address systems range from simple desk mounted systems, to full networked DSP based mixing, routing and audio processing systems.
With this range of hardware and software solutions, we offer a design which gives a performance to price ratio which is unequalled.
ASC’s extensive range of loudspeakers have been carefully designed without compromising on quality. All of our products meet, or exceed, international standards. Our speakers are robust, low power and are easy to install/maintain. We always strive to match the highest audio quality with great looking designs.
Assistive listening Systems
ASC supplies, designs and commissions a wide range of AFIL (audio-frequency induction loop) equipment for the hard of hearing. From simple portable systems to top quality professional systems, our equipment is highly cost effective and includes a wide range of kits to simplify specification, purchase and installation.

Advanced Safety Communications

Design and manufacture Voice Alarm, Public Address and General Alarm systems. With expertise in product development, bespoke design of simple and complex audio/electronic control systems including acoustic modeling and analysis.

All design and manufacturing processes are controlled by a quality assurance system certified to ISO 9001:2008. Advanced Safety Communications are members of PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association).